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Supply and demand led them to trade, borrow and lend their wardrobes. That means the company doesnt carry an inventory women exchange their own wardrobes. Instead of filling your closet with fast fashion thats going to end up in landfills or having designer pieces sitting around, you can keep these pieces moving on the lending side, and (renters)can have access to these great pieces for a much lower cost, said Perkins, who co-founded the service with family friend Bill Meyer. Renters browse an online catalog of clothing and accessories, sorting by type of itemor by designer. (Cheryl V. The renter also pays a $5 insurance fee. Perkins said the site launched with about 110 items available to rent. Curtsy operates exclusively on college campuses and relies on face-to-face exchanges though it's stated plans for a wider expansion. Fashion can be very exclusive, Perkins said. It pits us against one another to look a certain way, when we should be saying 'Youre my fellow woman and I want to help you.'

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The investigation also found traces of real fur being sold as fake at House of Fraser, where a pair of gloves contained real rabbit fur. The store has removed the gloves from sale and will be offering a full refund to customers who bought them. A House of Fraser spokesperson said it would never knowingly mislead customers. "Our customers want assurances that House of Fraser is not complicit in such unnecessary suffering of animals and we take this issue very seriously and have communicated this to the brand in question, they added. Online retailers Amazon and Lily Lulu were also found to be selling real fur as fake, but they have yet to comment on the matter, reported BBC Newsbeat . The sale of cat and dog fur is banned by the European Union and fur farming has been illegal in the UK since 2003, but it continues in countries such as China, France and Poland. UK activists have warned that customers are often unwittingly buying real fur, which is marketed as fake, on items such as bobble hats, key rings and hooded jackets. "We are finding an increasing amount of real fur being sold either mislabelled or not labelled at all as ข่าวสด เดลินิวส์ real fur, in the last couple of years in the UK, Claire Bass, executive director of Humane Society International, told Sky News. "This is a problem in two ways.

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