Are The Promises Realistic?

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But as soon as pleasantries were exchanged and lunch ordered, he launched into a spiel for Amway. It continued uninterrupted until I slammed my car door. I never saw or spoke to him again. If youre looking to reduce your list of friends, treat them like marks. Try to persuade them to become salesmen who work for you. Are the promises realistic? One of the reasons people hold salesmen in low regard is they tend to make self-serving statements and false promises. I once attended a big multilevel marketing meeting at the behest of one of my stock brokerage clients. It was more like a tent revival than a business meeting, with person after person taking the stage to wild applause after waving around the giant checks they were receiving monthly, courtesy of their downline.

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Because I could theoretically use TV and the Web to reach and recruit hundreds of thousands of people and hed be making money from all of them I guess he figured Id be the perfect person to have in his downline. But Ive never considered joining any network marketing company and never will. That doesnt mean you shouldnt; do whatever makes you happy. But tread cautiously, because theres a lot of hype and broken promises in these businesses. Im not going to speak to Amway or any other specific company, but here are some things to consider: Do you love sales? Many people consider sales a sleazy way to make money. Thats understandable, because there are a lot of sleazy salespeople who employ sleazy sales tactics to separate you from your money. As far as Im concerned, however, sales is an honorable profession. Ive been a salesman for more than 30 years: 10 as a stockbroker and 25 selling my news series to TV stations. If youve never tried sales, let me assure you its not easy.

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