Some Fundamentals On Core Details Of Sleepwear

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Ms Ziuzina, known as Anna, was 19 years younger than her husband. She tried to claim his assets within days of his death. His family believe he was killed in a staged hit and run accident. The couple met online in 2006 and were married in 2007 following a four-day engagement. Mr Pring's mother, Irene Pring, said Ms Ziuzina claimed to be a teacher when the pair first met, but she was in fact a lap dancer and stripper. She said: "We are sure Anna had some involvement in his death to inherit his money and property. "I was quite surprised how cold she was with Barry. She did not lift a finger, she was a lazy thing." Image copyright Barry Pring Image caption A post mortem said Mr Pring died from multiple injuries The inquest heard Ms Ziuzina sold her husband's Range Rover, contents from his flat and moved funds from his bank account. The hearing was also told she was "entitled to the first 200,000 of his estate" and that computer records revealed "she was having an affair with a Ukrainian man".