Some Great Ideas For Effective Tactics For Women Fashion

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The  post  described several Eddie Bauer-brand clothing items left damaged and discarded outside the manufacturer’s store in New York City: Eddie Bauer in NYC threw out blankets and coats and CUT THEM UP SO NOBODY COULD TAKE THEM! This is capitalism! Imagine a system where you DESTROY excess goods instead of distribute them. This happens while thousands in NYC will sleep on the streets tonight. The post’s author, Dakotah Lilly — an organizer with the advocacy group Students and Youth for a New America — also provided us with a separate picture of a damaged jacket bearing the logo of Eddie Bauer’s First Ascent line : Regarding the attention the post has generated, Lilly told us: I didn’t think people would be so surprised that a corporation would do something like this in pursuit of profit. But obviously I’m not surprised that people are upset by it. They should be! But they should know that this is routine, and we need to change the way the system works, not just one company. Lilly also said that Eddie Bauer had contacted him regarding his photographs, but he was not confident they would respond to the apparent issue: The way things are, it wouldn’t make sense for them to.

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